Google has a new sites product. I've copied the reports that have been getting updated on this site to a new Cold Air Data location. The big plus of the move is the new site has reactive elements and manages to size the output to whatever device it is being read on - computer, tablet, or phone.

The site is a statistically-based compliment to my Cold Air original content blog.

January 2015 NOTE: Google docs is changing, which may present issues with the charts and graphs embedded on this site's pages!

Currently this site consists of pages as the reporting face of a data exercise that analyses data, from Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).
The data is queried with MS Access databases, and fed into the Google doc spreadsheets that have views embedded in this data site's pages.

Some google docs are now being posted as web pages:
Ontario Wind is a spreadsheet indicating estimated monthly production data for wind generators on the IESO grid that have entered commercial operation (which weeds out the partial data being reported for sites not yet in commercial operation).